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Custodia Security (Pty) Ltd, is situated in the Magaliesburg region, Gauteng Province, with a branch in Johannesburg.

All sites and operations are managed and controlled from our 24hr control room. Our company has more than 17 years experience in the security service industry, and we strive for excellence.

The strength of Custodia Security is our service. We tailored our Management structure to the extend where we can give detail attention to every customer. Each customer’s requirements are known by management in detail. The size of the company is such that no customer is just a number. Each site with its specific security challenges is known. Continuous attention is given to try and decrease security risks at every site.

Services We Offer


All security guards are hand-picked and will not be appointed as a security guard before all security checks have been done on the particular person himself

Electronic Security

The perfect integrated security solution to ensure all areas in your business are secured and protected. Protecting your assets is our priority.

Site Monitoring

Through comprehensive risk analysis guards are placed an monitored on site to ensure maximum protection for you, your customers and your employees.

Armed Response

Due to the increasing demand for faster and better response. We are exploring dedicated armed response teams in your area.

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Custodia Security (Pty) Ltd 

Tel: 072 239 3521 / 076 832 8316

Email Sales: lovemore@custodiasecurity.co.za

Email Support: dennis@custodiasecurity.co.za


Psira Reg: 2599756

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